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Sunday, October 08, 2006

War With Iran

Well, it seems that the psychopathic retards in the White House are at it again, and are setting up a war with Iran.

The USA is alrady conducting ground operations in Iran:

Air Force Col. Sam Gardiner (Ret.) said, “We are conducting military operations inside Iran right now."

And several Carrier groups are going to the Persian gulf and Eastern Mediterannean - and several other countries are involved (including the UK, Israel, Canada, and Greece).

Click HERE for a A VERY detailed report on the Armada

The article also mentions that the 1st Armor has been informed that it is not being rotated out back to bases in Germany, but to Central Asia.

America is living in a dark cloud of its own making - a poisonous fog of paranoia, superstition, greed, and wilful ignorance of such staggering stupidity that America has literally become "the single greatest betrayal of the human spirit in recorded history".

I was born in the United States of America. I was raised to believe that America, while flawed, was basically good. But all I see America doing now is of such pure and hateful evil, my heart is heavy and sad. The USA is guzzling the worlds resources at an insane rate - this endless shopping spree is not gong to last. The USA is making war all over the planet - this murderous rampage cannot continue. The USA once meant something better than the ancient monarcies of Europe, the depostisms of the East, and the irrationalities of traditionalist systems from the neolithic to medieval to the modern primitive that has so beset humanity for so long. The USA once pointed the way to democracy, and while saddled with a capitalist system, it still had enough fundamental truth in it that its promise of equality and opportunity was a beacon to the world.

But sadly, the operative term is "was", for now the USA is a beaten Empire, exulting in the flames of its own destruction as it seeks ever greater glory in battle so it might control more resources for its own wasteful ends. It's a very sad thing to watch.

I walk down the street and I wonder - do these people even KNOW what is going on? I get the impression they don't. It's sad... deeply and horribly sad.

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